The leading revenue mobilization provider for the digital age

N-Soft uses its innovative governance solutions to accurately track billions of transactions across multiple sectors, generating additional revenues without raising taxes. In ten years of working with both emerging and established states, N-Soft has built substantial expertise in creating innovative and sustainable technological solutions providing essential support to national budgets. Our solutions provide invaluable transparency throughout all transactions, allowing governments to pinpoint revenue leakages and reduce debt with additional income.

We help governments harness untapped revenues and establish transparent business environments

Our groundbreaking governance technology provides a clear picture of business activities happening across a wide range of industries. Armed with this economic intelligence, governments can collect all of the taxes they’re owed and re-invest these funds into better infrastructure and essential public service projects. Further still, this added level of visibility empowers governments to assert full digital sovereignty, which improves their creditworthiness, making them a far more attractive opportunity for foreign investments.
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Innovation at your service: Real-time reporting on key sectors of the economy

Using a proprietary ETL-C approach, revenue authorities can extract, transform, load, and certify all relevant transactional data from various sectors automatically, including payments made by credit card, cash, direct transfer, mobile money, etc. So, governments get full visibility on all transactions with no manual work needed whatsoever. Plus, revenue authorities can access all of this data in real time thanks to our robust reporting capabilities. Not only are reports available in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals but they can also be segmented by operator and accessed via mobile or desktop. This, ultimately, helps nations assert digital sovereignty and integrate the informal and digital business sectors into the formal economy.

Extract data

Utilize business intelligence tools to seamlessly extract and store relevant information within a unique database

Process Data

Automated consolidation of all data collected, conveying information in a confidential & understandable format.


Revolutionized, real-time data reporting with a 360° view of all activity occurring within a sector


Certify data with N-Soft algorithms

Our solutions provide transparency to numerous sectors, including:


Calculates exact revenue generated by telecom operators as well as total number of transactions to reveal untapped taxes.

Mobile Money

Processes and analyzes metadata from mobile money transactions to produce detailed reports on activities and taxes to be collected.

MPIE for mobile compliance

Detects and taxes illegally imported mobile devices.

BiT-IT for digital advertising

Reports revenue from digital advertising and subscription services

BiT-IT for subscription services

Accurately calculates taxes on digital subscription services revenue like streaming platforms.


Tracks taxes due from online gambling activity

Banking Services

Access to banking and financial services in rising economies is surging.

Pay TV

Automates invoice processing and taxation for pay TV providers, enhancing revenue transparency.


Enhances revenue mobilization in utility sectors like electricity, petrol, and water as well as garbage collection, parking, insurance, and municipal taxes.


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