N-Soft’s mission is to become a vital long-term partner for governments in emerging countries. We enable them to develop their economies by increasing their ability to collect taxes, through the flourishing activities of each country’s ecosystem.


Processes and analyzes metadata from mobile money transactions to produce detailed reports on activities and taxes to be collected.


Calculates exact revenue generated by telecom operators as well as total number of transactions to reveal untapped taxes.

MPIE for mobile compliance

Detects and taxes illegally imported mobile devices.

BiT-IT for digital advertising

Provides real-time assessment and taxation of social media and digital advertising revenues.

BiT-IT for subscription services

Accurately calculates taxes on digital subscription services revenue like streaming platforms.


Implements GMS to oversee and tax gambling operators, including lotteries, sports betting, slot machines, and more.

Pay TV

Automates invoice processing and taxation for pay TV providers, enhancing revenue transparency.


Enhances revenue mobilization in utility sectors like electricity, petrol, and water as well as garbage collection, parking, insurance, and municipal taxes.

These solutionshelp governments to


Identify revenue leakages


Unlock tax incomes owing to them


Increase their global financial and credit rankings

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