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We help governments boost transparency and maximize tax revenue with the power of data

N-Soft uses its innovative governance solutions to accurately track billions of transactions across multiple sectors, generating additional revenues without raising taxes. In ten years of working with both emerging and established states, N-Soft has built substantial expertise in creating innovative and sustainable technological solutions providing essential support to national budgets. Our solutions provide invaluable transparency throughout all transactions, allowing governments to pinpoint revenue leakages and reduce debt with additional income

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Innovation at your service: Real-time reporting on key sectors of the economy

N-Soft’s groundbreaking governance solutions span across multiple sectors to promote transparency and interoperability throughout the economy. Using our cutting-edge ETL technology, each sector is provided with precise reporting on all revenue flows, tracking activity data in real time and supplying the transparency necessary to maximize revenues. Such thorough tracking ensures that governments can collect all taxes owed to them, thereby transforming revenues, reducing illicit financial flows, and opening limitless possibilities for future innovation.

Extract data

Utilize business intelligence tools to seamlessly extract and store relevant information within a unique database

Process Data

Automated consolidation of all data collected, conveying information in a confidential & understandable format.


Revolutionized, real-time data reporting with a 360° view of all activity occurring within a sector


Precise calculation of all due taxes across sectors ensures proper mobilization of government revenues

Our solutions provide transparency to numerous sectors, including:


Supervise activity (SMS, voice, data) and operators revenues


Tracks all activity and taxes due from mobile phone imports

Mobile Money

Reports on volume and amounts of all mobile money transactions

Financial Services

Securely monitors all remittances & bank transactions


Monitors activity and consumption in Oil, Water, Electicity


Tracks taxes due from online gambling activity

Big Tech

Reports revenue from digital advertising and subscription services


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