Across diverse sectors, the clarity of transactional activities often remains murky.

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Whether it is utilities, insurance, or local commerce,
there’s an evident gap in transparency, particularly in rising economies.

The global utility market alone has grown from :

$ 0 T
IN 2022
$ 0 T
IN 2023


In regions where access to banking services is limited or restrained, nearly all transactions are conducted by means of cash. Therefore, there are significant inconsistencies between the reported goods or services sold by providers and the government’s recorded figures. The absence of proper supervision prevents governments from properly mobilizing domestic revenues for insurance, parking, utilities, and other similar services.


N-Soft partners with governments to fortify the integrity of domestic revenue mobilization in the utility sectors, including electricity, petrol, water, garbage collection, parking, insurance, and municipal taxes, such as cadastral and land levies. By interfacing with all utility companies’ billing systems, our governance technology ensures the seamless collection of consumption and billing records, then computes the turnover of the companies and the tax owed.


N-Soft empowers governmental bodies with immediate access to essential reports detailing:
These precise functionalities are available in reports organized by period (daily, weekly, or monthly) and by each utility provider. As a vanguard of fiscal integrity, this technology sets a new benchmark for transparent and efficient practices.


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We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.