Access to banking and financial services in rising economies is surging.

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Rising economies are home to nearly 90% of individuals under 30, positioning these regions at a demographic “sweet spot.”
This tech-savvy population is driving growth in online international transactions while curtailing activity on the black market. In fact, since 2000, $530B (10.4% CAGR) has been transferred annually in Africa and the Middle East in remittances, and that number grows daily.

What's your tax revenue gap in this growing market ?


The financial services market is growing at a rapid rate but lacks supervision. This translates to a lack of control and tracking of inter-bank transfers and those made by other financial institutions. Governments miss out on levies, and the lack of supervision gives rise to money laundering, which, according to the IMF, represents close to $1.5 trillion per year.


FICS – (Financial Certification System) boosts a government’s control over transactions involving national financial institutions. It brings controls on individuals and transactions with an option to deter fraudulent activity. FICS brings the knowledge of individual customers while respecting their privacy rights. The system provides full visibility of all financial activity in banks and all money transfer operator – MTO- whilst ensuring that the correct government revenues are collected.


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