We collaborate closely with governments to strengthen their financial resilience by: Offering flexible payment plans, including a rev-share option. Ensuring rapid deployment, typically within 13 weeks. Providing communication that is clear and culturally attuned.


We’re dedicated to continuously crafting cutting-edge governance solutions that empower governments to tap into rightfully owed revenues. Our innovations extend beyond mere technological advancements, impacting sectors like advertising, utilities, and mobile payments.


At N-Soft, we don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution to governments. Instead, we tailor our project delivery to the unique needs of each government, maintaining flexibility and a commitment to success throughout our partnership.

Creating Local Value

  • We guarantee that all data is stored domestically.
  • We collaborate with local companies.
  • We recruit and train local engineers so you can operate the solution autonomously.
  • We invest in local tech companies to strengthen the ecosystems in our operating regions.


We prioritize the confidentiality of the governments we work with, ensuring that all data remains within the country and is processed locally, so nations maintain full control and security.


We equip nations with the necessary tools for increased autonomy, driving economic growth by boosting revenue. By enhancing supervision of the digital and informal economies, we foster stability and effective governance.