Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions on the market.

We are continually developing new data solutions to help governments unlock the revenues owed to them. Since 1986 we have built up a network of trained staff based in Africa, Asia and Europe with a flourishing R&D department and headquarters in Hong Kong.

Dr. Roger Zini

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Roger Zini the joint founder of N-Soft and our Chairman, has a unique record in developing software solutions that benefit emerging countries’ governments. He holds a Ph.D. in Software Computing from the Pierre and Marie Curie University Paris. He is involved in all of the innovative programs that N-Soft has introduced and regularly visits client governments throughout the world.

Didier Cherqui

Didier Cherqui joined N-Soft at the outset and has played an essential role in developing solutions as CTO. Didier graduated from a leading engineering school, the Ecole Centrale in Lyon, France, with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and he is a true professional in the use of data. He demonstrates his leadership abilities by his motivation of N-Soft’s worldwide team of engineers in all the countries.

Prakash Sabunani

Senior VP & Partner
Prakash’s experience in various economies, coupled with his long-standing development and expansion in the sales of Saas technology solutions, telecom & Cybersecurity, make him a key person in expanding the international horizons and objectives at N-SOFT and its affiliates. Prakash has a vast knowledge of the cultural importance in each country he chooses to work in, and manages to comfortably bridge the gap between the East and the West cultural blend, which he sails through very comfortably. He speaks 5 languages fluently and his strategy is not only about numbers; it’s first and foremost about closing a breach within a system which has eroded over time, to highlight the notion of a win-win opportunity as well as a social economic evolution, through a sustainable offering. Prakash has studied in Switzerland, India and France, and has attended renowned institutions in these different countries. He did his post graduate management studies at INSEAD in France.

Graeme Bowker

VP Sales
Graeme Bowker Vice-President in charge of sales, joined N-Soft in 2014. He is an international market and business development professional with a highly successful track record in delivering complex solutions to governments, telecoms, and National Security authorities in the Telecommunications and associated security markets. He has lived and operated throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Far East and has developed a sympathetic understanding of regional needs and challenges.
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Interview of Graeme Bowker

David Meseguer

Vice President of Sales | Country Manager (Democratic Republic of Congo)
David is a seasoned telecommunications professional with over three decades of experience. Holding a master’s degree in computer engineering since 1990, he began his career specializing in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Joining N-Soft in 1999 as Director of Technical Support, David quickly rose through the ranks, transitioning to the Sales team in 2008. Today, as Vice President of Sales, David leads N-Soft’s sales strategies and client engagements. Additionally, he serves as Country Manager for the Democratic Republic of Congo, spearheading the company’s operations and expansion efforts in the region. David’s expertise and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving N-Soft’s success, delivering innovative solutions and exceeding customer expectations.

Alex-Ariel Tchetgnia

VP Services
Alex-Ariel Tchetgnia received a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and a Telecommunications Engineering qualification from Telecom Paris, two of France’s most prestigious academic centers for such subjects. Alex has been Vice-President in charge of Professional Services since 2017 and plays a crucial role in N-Soft’s expansion with his strong engineering background. Based in Cameroon, he provides essential support services to many of N-Soft’s partners.

Emmanuelle Gold

Marketing Director

Emmanuelle Gold received a Master’s degree in Strategy and Organisation from Universite Paris Dauphine. In her contribution to N-Soft’s development, she has built upon her extensive marketing and product experience with start-ups, including those dealing with technology in Africa and other emerging economies.