The fleet of mobile phones in many countries usually comes from the black market and are imported illegally or even produced locally as clone and counterfeit devices. As a result, the Government loses significant revenues linked to the absence of VAT, import, usage and other tax collection.

N-SOFT brings the expertise to deliver to the State real-time control over this part of its economy. The proposed solution:

  • Monitors in real time the fleet of active mobile phones in the country
  • Payment of taxes for the use of phones.

Therefore, N-SOFT enables government to:

  • Generate various statistics such as the volume of mobile phones based on the brand, model, type of importation
  • Identify each phone and eliminate fraud
  • Prevent the illegal importation of phones and ensure revenue from customs duties
  • Protect users against all fraudulent devices, clones, unregistered, counterfeit, etc
  • Instruct the Operators to block terminals which do not meet the requirements of the State such as the clones, fake IMEI, illegalimports, etc.


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