N-SOFT is recognized for its leadership role in the fight against fraud in the telecoms based sector. N-SOFT has a substantial portfolio of solutions to address fraud across the entire sector:

  • International voice traffic fraud: SIM Box, grey route, operator interconnection
  • Money laundering through mobile money transfer
  • Operator underestimated revenues and traffic
  • Tax evasion
  • Clone and counterfeit mobile phones
  • Unregistered SIM cards
  • Undeclared BTS usage (antennae base station)

Wherever N-SOFT’s fraud elimination services have been implemented, this has resulted into an increase in revenues for local Operators and Governments. In a sound approach combining innovative and unique detection technologies and multilateral collaboration, N-SOFT’s Fraud Management Department works closely with all stakeholders (Regulators, Operators, Judicial Authorities and Police) to counter current, evolving and new fraud patterns.


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